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MachineArt SlipScreen – black R1200GS LC/Adventure LC

MachineArt SlipScreen – black R1200GS LC/Adventure LC

The Slipscreen from Machine Art is designed for riders who are annoyed by the wind noise and buffeting caused by the stock GS LC and Adventure screen and find that riding without a screen at all is more comfortable._x000D_
The MachineArt Slipscreen is the sleek, minimal solution that is short enough not to upset air flow at helmet level reducing noise while creating a pocket of still air at chest level for comfort._x000D_
The Slipscreen is the solution for off-road and hot weather riding when minimal physical obstruction and maximum airflow are a comfort advantage._x000D_
Slipscreen is easy to swap with the stock windscreen using just two existing screws. There are no front surface fasteners for a clean look and it’s appearance reflects the GS’s angular styling. When cold weather returns, the swap back to the stock screen is equally easy._x000D_
Slipscreen is injection molded in high impact strength polycarbonate and available in two colors: Granite Grey metallic, and black. The height adjustability feature is retained, covering the Navigator GPS unit in its low setting while extending 2.5 above it in its highest position._x000D_
GS off-road riding schools instruct students to look up – don’t fixate on the front end. At 10.5 tall, Slipscreen’s size is unobtrusive while its opaque color encourages keeping eyes looking forward, not down._x000D_
** A shape that integrates beautifully with GS styling_x000D_
** Mounts with stock hardware and retains angle adjustability._x000D_
** Reduces noise and turbulence at highway speeds while retaining a still air pocket up to chest level._x000D_
** Comfortable in warm weather and unobtrusive in trail riding._x000D_
** Fits standard screen mounts._x000D_
It measures 260mm from bottom to top._x000D_
R1200GS LC 2013 on_x000D_
R1200 Adventure LC 2014 on


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