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Machine Art – X-Heads for DOHC models (pair) – R1200GS/Adv/R/RT, R NINE T

X-Heads for DOHC models (pair) – R1200GS/Adv/R/RT, R NINE T

The DOHC X-Heads are exclusivly distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans._x000D_
A great product at a great price!_x000D_
Machine Art X-Head cylinder head guards provide wide area protection at a price BELOW COMPARABLE PRODUCTS._x000D_
Machine Art X-Head cylinder head guards for DOHC models…_x000D_
FITS 2010 on DOHC engines._x000D_
The X-Head DOHC is designed to cover more of the cylinder head than other guards to protect the center during a fall. Even in a driveway drop, the force of inertia causes a roll onto the face of the cover before the bike settles onto the cylinder’s edge. Between the tough nylon shell and head is an elastomeric liner to help absorb impact force. Included are stainless steel bolts with Nyloc threadlock patches so they stay tight. X-Head DOHC protects while letting just enough of the new head shape to show through. The finish is a fine grained effect on the outside with the Machine Art logo and smooth on the inside._x000D_
The X-head is designed to protect both the valve and spark plug covers. If a bike is dropped at speed, any material will wear at the point of contact, but nylon will not break or puncture. Even a driveway drop will cause a bike to roll onto the face of the valve cover and X-Head’s wide shape helps to protect more area than other head covers_x000D_
Includes full fitting instructions and relevant fittings_x000D_
R1200GS mark 3 (’10 to 2012)_x000D_
R1200Adventure mark 3 (’10 to 2013)_x000D_
R1200R 2010 onwards_x000D_
R1200RT 2010 to 2013_x000D_



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