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EBC Brake Pads FA229HH

FA229 A. 133.5 x 36.8 x 8.4mm B. 109.6 x 44.4 x 8.5mm

ZR-X 400 E3 (ZR 400 E3) 96 F(left)
ER-5 ER 500 C1-C5P 01-07 F
ER-6F (EX 650 A6F/A7F/A8F/C9F/CAF) 06-10 F(left)
ER-6F (EX 650 B6F/B7F/B8F/D9F/DAF) ABS 06-10 F(left)
ER-6N (ER 650 A6F/A7F/A8F/C9F/CAF) 06-10 F(left)
ER-6N (ER 650 B6F/B7F/B8F/D9F/DAF) 06-10 F(left)
KLE 650 A7F/A8F/A9F/CAF Versys 07-10 F(left)
KLE 650 B7F/B8F/B9F/DAF Versys ABS 07-10 F(left)
KLR 650 C1-C10 95-04 F
ZR 750 D1 “Zephyr” 96- F(left)
ZR-7 (ZR 750 F1/F3/F5) 99-04 F(left)
ZR-7S (ZR 750 H1/H2) 01-04 F(left)
Z 750 (ZR 750 J1/J2) 04-05 F(left)
Z 750 S (ZR 750 K1/K6F) 05-07 F(left)
VN 800 C1/C2/E1/E2/E3 ʻDrifterʼ 99-04 F
VN 800 B1-B10/B6F “Classic” 96-06 F
VN 900 A6F Classic 06 F
VN 900 B7F/B8F/B9F/BAF Classic
(Spoke wheel) 07-10 F
VN 900 C7F/C8F/C9F/CAF Custom
(Cast wheel) 07-10 F
KLV 1000 (LV 1000 A1H/A2H) 04-05 F(left)
GPZ 1100 E1/E2/F1 95-98 F(left)
ZR 1100 B1 ʻ“Zephyr” 96-97 F(left)
ZR 1100 B5 (Zephyr 1100 RS) 02 F(left)
VN 1500 D1/D2/E1/E2 “Classic” 96-99 F
VN 1500 G1/G2 Classic Tourer 98-00 F(left)
VN 1500 J1/J2/R1/R2/R3 Drifter 99-04 F
VN 1500 L1/L2/L3/L4 “Nomad Fi” 00-03 F(left)
VN 1500 N1/N2/N3 Classic Fi 00-04 F
VN 1600 A1/A2/A3/A6F 03-08 F(left)
VN 1600 D1H/D6F Classic Tourer 05-08 F(left)
VN 1700 C9F Classic Tourer 09 F(left)
VN 1700 E9F Classic 09 F(left)
VN 1700 DAF Classic Tourer ABS 10 F(left)
VN 1700 FAF Classic ABS 10 F(left)

GSF 250 VS/S Bandit 97 F
TU 250 GY/GBK1 Grass Tracker/
Big Boy NJ47A-117/123) 00-01 F
/FK4/FK5/FK6 98-06 F(left)
GSF 600 Y/SY/K1/SK1/K2/SK2/K3/SK3
K4/SK4 Bandit 00-04 F(left)
DL 650 K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9X V-Strom 04-10 F(left)
DL 650 AK7/AK8/AK9/GTAK9 VStrom ABS 07-10 F(left)
DL 650 AK9GT V-Strom Traveller 09-10 F(left)
GSF 650 SK5/SK6 Faired Bandit Non ABS 05-06 F(left)
GSF 650 K5/K6 Naked Bandit Non ABS 05-06 F(left)
GSF 650 AK5/AK6 Naked Bandit – ABS 05-06 F(left)
GSF 650 SAK5/SAK6 Faired Bandit – ABS 05-06 F(left)
SFV 650 K9/L0 Gladius 09-10 F(left)
SV 650 K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9/L0
Naked Non ABS 03-10 F(left)
SV 650 AK7/AK8/AK9/AL0 Naked ABS 07-10 F(left)
SV 650 SAK7/SAK8/SAK9/SAL0 07-10 F(left)
SV 650 SK3/SK4/SK5/SK6/SK7/SK8/SK9/SL0
Top Fairing Non ABS 03-10 F(left)
SV 650 X/Y/K1/K2 Naked – Non ABS 99-02 F(left)
SV 650 SX/SY/SK1/SK2 Top Fairing – Non ABS 99-02 F(left)
GSX 750 FW/FX/FY/FK1/FK2/FK3/FK4/FK5/FK6 98-06 F(left)
GSX 750 W/X/Y 98-03 F(left)
DL 1000 K2/K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9 V-Strom 02-09 F(left)
M 1500 (VZ 1500 K9/L0 Intruder) 09-10 F(left)
VL 1500 K2/K3 02-03 F(left)
VL 1500 K5/K6/K7/K8 (C1500 Intruder) 05-08 F(left)

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FA229  FA229HH –   –   EPFA229HH

EBC Organic Brake Pads FA series Kevlar ® organic pads provide
fingertip stopping power and are the preferred choice for many sportbike riders; having low disc attack characteristics and medium lifetime.

EBC Double-HTM Superbike Pads FA series; with HH suffix; denotes EBC’s American made ultra high friction Double-H
sintered copper alloy brake pads for maximum stopping power and lifetime. Fitted with stainless steel radiator plates for bikes without built in piston insulators to reduce heat transfer
into hydraulics and new double compact vented technology for wider pads; reducing backplate bending.

HH Suffix = High Performance Sintered Pad

The Extreme Pro is a range targeting the Race market
both street and off road but so many bikers have expressed an interest in the product we have extended it to a number of popular sportbikes and cruisers. For this reason we can expect sales to the high end Street market also on this new line.
The pads are a VERY expensive blend of sintered bronze including new age materials such as Tungsten and Moly metal to bring you the grippiest; most fade resistant pad we have ever tested.
We tested 7 other materials in developing Extreme Pro and the graphs opposite show the BEST of those competitors whom we have comfortably beaten with our new blend.
Extreme Pro completely replaces the GFA range which will be now phased out.

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.


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