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EBC Brake Pads EPFA604/4HH

FA604/4HH 34.9 x 40.5 x 9mm

S 1000 RR

Please refer to original BMW workshop manual for correct
fitting information.

Equivalents OE #

34 11 7 714 800

Competitor X Ref




  FA    GPFA      HH  R  MXS   EPFA
  –   GPFA604/4HH   FA604/4HH   –   –   EPFA604/4HH

EBC Organic Brake Pads FA series Kevlar ® organic pads provide
fingertip stopping power and are the preferred choice for many sportbike riders; having low disc attack characteristics and medium lifetime.

EBC Double-HTM Superbike Pads FA series; with HH suffix; denotes EBC’s American made ultra high friction Double-H sintered copper alloy brake pads for maximum stopping power and lifetime.
Fitted with stainless steel radiator plates for bikes without built in piston insulators to reduce heat transfer into hydraulics and new double compact vented technology for wider pads; reducing backplate bending.

HH Suffix = High Performance Sintered Pad

EPFA series Extreme Pro pads have been well accepted by road racers; track day riders and street riders who wanted the ultimate in stopping power and for 2011; we have extended the EPFA range and added a limited range of a new even higher friction compound known as the GPFA range. The GPFA range is strictly race only; is not legal for street use and is quite simply more brake effect than most streetbike riders could handle.
GPFA pads are priced identically to EPFA; range available shown below.

EBC EPFA & GPFA Series Sintered Pads
Use EPFA series for premium street and choose between these or the new GPFA range for road race use. Pads have the benefit of improved friction and better heat cycling for race or extreme road use.

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.


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