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Staintune produce the finest quality exhausts in the world! That's a heck of a boast I know, but don't take my word for it, simply type 'Staintune' in to any search engine and here what the rest of the world is saying about this fantastic product!

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The superb Staintune range of top quality Stainless Steel replacement mufflers offer the very best in quality and value. Sold on many American web sites, the Staintune range of replacement mufflers are very highly regarded by retailers and consumers alike.
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All Staintune system come with a 24 month warranty. Mechanically, visually and audibly they are an example of how far a manufacturer can go, without cutting any corners to attain a level of fit and finish that every other manufacturer wishes to achieve. The meticulous hand welds, hand polishing, the use of stainless steel and a packing material that never blows out or needs servicing, gives them a huge advantage over all others.

Most Staintune systems have a unique removable baffle system, effectively giving you two great pipes for the price of one!

This is your opportunity to purchase one of these top quality exhaust systems for your machine, imported direct from the manufacturer in Australia and available at at a truly fantastic price.